Where is my dye?

Please postie? Pretty please? Nope, despite my postie stalking, my dye has still not arrived. I’m now suspecting it’s been lost in the post but the dye company are blaming the long Easter weekend and asking me to wait a bit longer. Well, that all very well for you to say Mr Dye Company but I’ve got dyeing to do and, more importantly, a blog post to write.  


In the meantime, to keep my hopes up that I might one day do some dying and start my blanket, I have been having a think about my colours and looking at some photographs for colour inspiration. If you remember, I’m making a temperature blanket (see here for my first post about it) so I started off thinking about red for hot and blue for cold, with a range of orange to yellow to green in between. But I wanted some purple in there to so I decided my ‘really cold’ would be purple.

It’s pretty temperate where I live and I’m slightly cheating because the coldest it’s been here so far this year is minus 8C, and I’m guessing it’s unlikely to be colder than that at the back end of the year, so I’ll set my coldest range at minus 10C to minus 6C.

At the other end of the scale, anything higher than 25C is just FAR TOO HOT for me, so I’m setting my top range at 25C+. If it gets above 30C, I will have melted so won’t be making any blankets, so I don’t need to plan a colour for this.

Then I divided up the ‘gap’ between the two ranges and ended up with the following

-10C to -6C purple

-5C to -1C dark blue

0C to 4C light blue

5C to 9C bluey green

10C to 14C yellowy green

15C to 19C yellow

20C to 24C orange

25C+ Red

Then,  as it snowed for 1/2 a day this winter (whoop whoop,) I thought I could add a row of undyed for a snow day and then a dark grey for thunderstorms (none yet but more of a hot summer phenomenon).

I tempted to leave dyeing the red and grey until I actually need them. However, It would be a very depressing summer if I didn’t need the orange, so in a spirit of optimism, I’ll dye that first.

When my dye ever gets here that is….

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