A little bit about me.

I’m married to Duncan and am mummy to live wire twins, a girl and a boy who are now 7, and a adorable cockerpoo called Merlin. We all live in a chocolate box cottage right on banks of the River Pang in a village in the West Berkshire countryside. If I’ve made this sound idyllic then please be assured we have plenty of moments that fall very wide of that mark!

I’ve crafted for ever. I knit a lot, and crochet, quilt and sew my own and my children’s clothes. I am a recycler and reuser of things. I gently restore old furniture and repair our clothes.

I am thrilled about supporting the British wool industry by dyeing and using British wool.

I’m inspired by my walks through the woods and along the hedgerows that surround our home, and by the river and its wildlife. I like to forage for natural ingredients for dyes and enjoying experimenting with them in my kitchen. I dye in very small dyelots (sometimes just single mini skeins) so all my yarns are unique.

This blog is a window onto my crafting world. If you sign up for updates, please be assured you won’t be bombarded with daily prattlings. I’m pretty busy with the yarn dyeing, my children and my home, so I never get to write more than once each week, and often not even that. I try to only write when I really have something to say. Most of all, I love to hear from you. Please tell me what you like, what you want to hear more about, and if I’m rambling on (like now), please do tell me to stop

With love


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