Terms of Business

Changed your mind?

If you change mind about your yarn or you are simply not feeling the same love that you did when you saw it on the website, you can return within 14 days of receiving it. It’s always better to contact us before sending yarn back and to get proof of postage. If you don’t have a proof of postage and the yarn doesn’t arrive then we won’t be able to refund you. Provided we receive the yarn in perfect condition with the ties and band intact and no evidence of excess squishing, unravelling or unpleasant odours (such as smoke or wet dog!) you will receive a refund of the purchase price and the original postage. Please take care because if it comes back in less than perfect condition then your refund will be reduced to reflect the loss of value.

Unique batches

All our yarns are dyed in small batches so please buy what you need to complete your item. We can’t say we will never repeat a certain colourway but we can guarantee it will never be quite the same. We can also guarantee that if you think you might just have enough you won’t – so please buy enough.

Something Wrong?

If there is something wrong with your yarn (and let’s face it we all make mistakes from time to time) then please contact us so we can try to put the problem right. We may either replace the yarn or refunding the purchase price, original postage cost and, if we ask you to return it, the return postage.

Are we Liable?

We take great care and pride in creating our yarn. We want you to be happy with it and tell your friends! We try to ensure that our colours are fast and that our yarn is of the best quality. We will always be responsible for any personal injury or death caused by our negligence but, unless we have been fraudulent (which we try hard to avoid) then our liability for anything else is limited to the price you paid us for the yarn plus the postage. We have set out below a few examples of things we can’t be responsible for (but there may be others).

– shrinking or stretching caused by incorrect wear or care

– tangles or yarn barfs caused when balling the yarn

– returned parcels that go missing without proof of posting

– delays in post which mean you don’t get yarn when you expected it

– any loss or disappointment you suffer from running out of our yarn

– any addiction to knitting, crochet or purchasing yarn resulting from being our customer.

We all make garments in different ways. We all have different tension issues and we all measure things slightly differently. Therefore we cannot be held responsible for any finished objects made with our yarn (or for any unfinished objects -we all have those in the cupboards!).


We send our parcels first class. To help protect you against fraud we only post to the address shown on PayPal.

We know how annoying it is when post gets delayed but once it has left us we don’t have control over it. So we do ask you not to pin your hopes on getting a squishy yarn parcel by a set date. If you need to have that special item made for a special date then please order in plenty of time.

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